It’s vital for you to have a game plan when selecting a Technology Company. There’s no magical formula that’ll help you choose the right IT solution. Taking steps can help prepare for negotiations and importantly, so you’ll not to be taken advantage.

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When was your last IT infrastructure or Security assessments completed? I’d venture to guess years ago and how about your business Security Policies, are they in place? Again, I’d venture to say no and the chances of being wrong are low. Due to many businesses neglecting to complete any assessments, they are left most vulnerable. Read more


On December 14th, 2017, the most important vote of your life will take place; the vote to repeal Net Neutrality (NN).

Held by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), three of the five seats are controlled by Republicans giving the FCC, the majority needed to pass any new rule they see fit.

The FCC hasn’t expressed any interest in hearing Americas plea, making the vote on December 14th likely pass. At this point, the handful of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) which control residential internet in the US, will be able to control what we view and how fast we view it.

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