Starting January 8, 2018, EXIGENCY will open it’s doors to the community (Spokane, WA) for Residential PC Repairs.

Our repairs rate is $50/per hour but email us at [email protected] for information on how we can fix any issue with a fee of just $50; regardless of duration. (Enter “Give Me A Deal” in the subject line)

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STAR(S) OF THE MONTH – Barry Blackerby

On behalf of EXIGENCY, I’d like to congratulate Barry Blackerby on our first ever Star(s) of the month! Here’s a little information about Mr. Blackerby and the reasoning behind why we chose him

“I like to tell stories,” he said, “not necessarily narrative, but implied.”

“My interests run the gamut,” he said. “If it’s a challenge, I do it. It’s a waste of time to limit yourself.”

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