When was your last IT infrastructure or Security assessments completed? I’d venture to guess years ago and how about your business Security Policies, are they in place? Again, I’d venture to say no and the chances of being wrong are low. Due to many businesses neglecting to complete any assessments, they are left most vulnerable.

We are in the business of minimizing your company’s IT risk, decreasing chances of vulnerabilities and protecting your valuable data. With a call to EXIGENCY at (509) 992-8726 we’ll be able to get you on the right track for growth and expansion. We’re capable of performing computer, network, server, security assessments and compliance audits for your business or website.


Are you concerned services stop after business hours? You shouldn’t have any fears, we have the tools and resources necessary to monitor your networks, servers and computers 24/7. We’ll keep your network safe with managed firewalls/switches and have our malware/virus software to combat against security breaches; the software updates hourly to keep your business protected.

Issues with dust and heat? No problem, with your contract, monthly maintenance comes standard. Furthermore we look at the integrity of your hard drive life expectancy or Mean-Time Before Failure (MTBF), motherboard (capacitors) and remove the dust that accumulates inside. Heat quickly damages hardware faster than anything. Consequently, as the dust increases, the heat rises and so do the problems.

We also perform scheduled updates during the after hours, we ensure all updates are compatible with your current software so there aren’t any issues during your workflow.


Our services go above and beyond what normal companies offer but they simply don’t end with the Technology… Digital Marketing is another area we excel at when it comes to assessments and services. As a result, give us a call (509) 992-8726 and we’ll schedule your FREE business consultation today!

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