It’s vital for you to have a game plan when selecting a Technology Company. There’s no magical formula that’ll help you choose the right IT solution. Taking steps can help prepare for negotiations and importantly, so you’ll not to be taken advantage.


Before you start shopping for a Technology Company, you must understand what your challenges are for your business such as Software (Cloud IT/Database)? Hardware (Computer/Networking/Server)? A combination?

Next, determine if you need your troubleshooting set in a proactive environment or a reactive one. The larger the requirements for support, the higher the price point will be. So, plan if an issue surfaces, are you going to be able to survive the downtime of a reactive solution.


How much are you ready to spend? This depends on many factors such as a proactive or reactive solution. How many services you require to provide sufficient support for your business? Do you require after hours or weekend support? Are you wanting to pay flat-rate or hourly prices? There are many options to choose from but having an idea of what you need, gives you a starting place.

The cheapest option tends to always cost more in the end. The recommendation is that you stray from this unreliable option as much as possible. Selecting a company that resolve issues before you notice them is the best approach. You pay a higher price, but your downtime is decreased and employee workflow make up for it in the long run.


Once you’ve completed the first steps, research as many Technology companies as possible. Find one that’s most compatible with your businesses needs and when you’ve got it, STOP!

You’ll want to discover their reputation, background, history, experience and read all reviews before initiating contact. A good rule of thumb, any word-of-mouth recommendations you hear good or bad, are great indicators of their reputation.

Never be afraid to ask for a list of clienteles! The number of clientele and company sizes show experience and indicates whether a large business can be supported. If you have 100 computers and their largest client has 10… They may not be able to provide you the support you require.

Lastly, ask about the number of years they’ve spent in their industry, any certifications they have or provide completed projects that might be pertinent to your businesses success.


An IT Solution is more of a bond, a circle of trust and before you begin blindly trusting you need do uncover the following:

  • The Contract Length, Contract Terms and Service Level Agreements
  • The Policies and Practices when it comes to Maintenance and Support
  • Any Training or Responsibilities you need to uphold

It’s best to learn who is responsible for each area of your contract and to have clear communication, so both parties are aware.


Always review each service and define any hidden costs. This may not seem like a big deal, but hidden costs really start to add up fast when you need support the most! Your objective is to obtain all details on full cost of services and ensure there are no hidden fee’s before signing that contract! Transparency is key when seeking a trustworthy company.

Now that you’ve been given the appropriate steps towards finding a Technology company, it’s strongly encouraged to review the services EXIGENCY has to offer, Digital Marketing and Technology. We’ve always been a proactive IT Solution, give us a call (509) 992-8726 and we’ll set you up with a free business consultation today!

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