STAR(S) OF THE MONTH – Barry Blackerby

On behalf of EXIGENCY, I’d like to congratulate Barry Blackerby on our first ever Star(s) of the month! Here’s a little information about Mr. Blackerby and the reasoning behind why we chose him

“I like to tell stories,” he said, “not necessarily narrative, but implied.”

“My interests run the gamut,” he said. “If it’s a challenge, I do it. It’s a waste of time to limit yourself.”

Art Education

Barry was self-taught using a Walter Foster art book as a teenager. He received an advance level degree in Art History and Painting from the Oxfordshire school of Art in Oxford, England. He continued his quest for the arts by attending classes at University of Maryland, European Division and received an AA degree from Spokane Falls Community College; he then transferred to Eastern Washington University to obtain his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Art Experience

Due to Barry’s travels in the Marine Corps., he had the privilege of exhibiting his paintings around the world. These places included England, Germany, Korea and Japan. His works are also locally exhibited in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and most recently in the Avenue West Gallery in Spokane, WA. His works of art are of pure talent, which lead him to paint several commissions overseas and here locally. In 1993, he was one of four Eastern Washington University art students chosen to paint a mural at the Spokane International Airport, outside in November, BRRRH!

Our Gold Star Hero

Barry has one of the most unique skill-sets when it comes to painting and that’s his incredibly fine attention to the details in each of his paintings. What makes it even more impressive? His detailed paintings are made using Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolor on canvas. Such detail in his paintings are what make his art pieces so valuable but it’s not about the money for Barry… It’s about the satisfaction he gives when donating art pieces or given the opportunity to teach!

Barry has taught his set of skills since the 1960’s, teaching children’s summer art classes but not only art classes, military training, combat training, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and martial art classes. Even with his full load, he has been making time to teach and educate his entire career of 30-years service in both the Marine Corps and Air Force. Even today, Barry is willing to teach his skills and will begin doing so once he completes his online training videos and the best part… Each tutorial is absolutely free!

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