Our greatest feat has been the collaboration of industries within our community. When joining the EXIGENCY family, expect not only to be treated with utmost respect and decency but you’ll also gain access to the network.


As part of your agreement, this can be as little as a window space or counter top allowing business cards, posters or various other marketing tools. Although you can’t psychically see, creating back-links page on our clients websites (and ours) helps provide credibility and proof for your business, greatly increasing Search Engine ranking. In the end, it’s just another win for your business!


A clause in your contract requires your company to setup a table or board allowing cross-industry/business advertising; such as business cards, brochures or a flyer. Furthermore perpetuating the cycle of keeping business services, trades or jobs local. We’ve stated, “Our goal is to make a change in our community, our region and ultimately the world; We can’t do it alone; we’ll need a hand”.

In addition, the following industries are available for access in the sense of advertising. That is, once you become part of the family; we’ll just go ahead and welcome you now!


  • Art
  • Automotive/Diesel
  • Bar/Night Clubs
  • Biotechnology
  • Construction
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Massage
  • Performance/Repair
  • Restaurants
  • Special Needs/Disability
  • Stores


Selection is tedious when it comes to our partners. If you’re thinking this is a type of paywall you can buy your way onto… you’re wrong. Having volunteered and invested time at any one of our volunteer program locations will earn your spot on our wall.

  • TBD

Currently seeking individuals or businesses whom rank high in ethics and integrity. Representing a movement with highest regard, becoming an idol to the children and possessing high moral traits accelerates you to the top of our most wanted list.

Thus, becoming a major sponsor is of highest significance and is vital for both your success and that of the movement; we can’t make a difference alone. You can help help by submitting social media posts to increase the awareness of the movement and we ask that this be completed on a weekly basis.

Sponsorship can happen a few different ways:

  • Charities
  • Concerts
  • Donations
  • Gear (Clothing/Items)
  • Presentations
  • Private and Public Events
  • Seminars

In conclusion, when we sponsor we respect communication (email, phone or text). Being in the know keeps life running smoothly so, if there are any issues or concerns… Don’t hesitate to inform us.


Choosing star(s) is based solely on the impact that’s made in the lives of individuals. The most noteworthy will be recognized and an effort to give that individual or business the credit they deserve. You’ll not only gain our attention, but you’ll earn our respect. Next, we’ll setup an interview, learning the reasoning behind any selfless acts and display it for the world to see. You won’t go home empty handed, we offer various prizes and an immense boost in social media recognition as a way for us to show you that we appreciate you.


Congratulations, our first STAR(S) goes out to




Just giving a shout-out to EXIGENCY, who handles all our computer and technology needs, quickly, efficiently and cheerfully. Marcus and Ryan both do a great job. Contact them at (509) 368-9145 and you’ll never need a resident MIS guy again!

Been working with Marcus (EXIGENCY) for about a year and this man doesn’t sleep. Had to laugh when I saw “always open” because it is the truth. I can call or text him anytime of day or night and he will get back to me almost immediately. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a team to be apart of their team. Having people work hard to make sure your business is thriving is priceless!

EXIGENCY has helped us professionalize the face of our company and streamline our technology and functionality within. They service multiple company computers once a month, are always on call to troubleshoot and help in a timely manner. Being a small but growing business with a lot of deadlines, the tech support that provided to us, illuminates a level of stress for administration that is necessary to stay on task. The whole team of guys are helpful, friendly, professional and brilliant in their area of expertise. Thank you for your service!!!

Great company. Honest. Knowledgeable and willing to go extra mile. If something is not right, they will work diligently to make it so.

I was told that Marcus at EXIGENCY had some skills when it comes to website stuff. My business partner talked him up for about a week before I said, “let’s do it”. We are based in Cocoa, Florida and weren’t capable of meeting face-to-face so, we bought Marcus a plane ticket and was in Florida within 24 hours.

Our E-Commerce site + complete branding and business cards came out flawless. Our website has never been faster but due to our industry entering a state of Schedule 1 licensing, we were forced to take our site down. Once we obtain the licenses we need, you bet we’ll be calling again!

My computer died on me and I needed help asap. Had me up and running in no time flat, hard drive was the cause. My drive was replaced with a better and faster solid state drive. You want it done right, you already know where to go – EXIGENCY!

While watching Netflix or just listening to music and my laptop would just shutoff. Geek squad was going to charge me upwards of $400 bucks but I took my laptop to EXIGENCY instead. They quickly fixed my laptop and for only a fraction of the other guys quote.

Fast and easy repair for my laptop. I highly recommend and would not hesitate to bring my laptop back again