The original founders separately worked for IT Solutions which had zero interest in their client’s well-being. Seeing this same scenario repeated of company’s getting taken advantage of, paying for services in which they did not receive in a timely fashion or simply didn’t receive at all… It was time, a stand had to be taken!


Having witnessed countless times, a struggling company paying outrageous prices for services which weren’t handled promptly, preemptively nor cost-effectively was intolerable! This way of life had to change thus, on July 4, 2016, the decision of creating this much needed, well-rounded DIGITAL MARKETING and TECHNOLOGY solution took place.

Three bold individuals parted ways with their enterprise/corporate environments to combat against the tyranny that had been holding company networks/systems hostage. Times were quickly changing and little did anybody realize the impact that was coming their way…

Providing competitive pricing and unparalleled support was only step in the grand scheme of things. Creating a local network in which a business could join, be treated to a wealth of resources and help a business to quickly grow, was what the next logical step. However, being newly formed made it incredibly tricky to establish a foothold in the community.

Fast forward nearly three years and the dream expanded further than anybody could have anticipated. Having united local businesses, allowing for nearly unlimited resources, services and jobs, quickly grew into community services such as volunteer programs and sponsorship’s for teams, sports and/or businesses.

Having something that works time over again means, growing at an unstoppable rate! In order to provide your business with excellent service and support, the size of the company must also grow. Simply throwing money at employees is an answer but not the answer; something more beneficial is in store.

While keeping the community in mind for any decisions, it finally struck. Spokane is filled with colleges, universities and some of the brightest minds in the nation! Students and graduates are perfect candidates for on the job training and business experience.

For those who are already part of the family, both your community as well as EXIGENCY thanks you! Those who are considering joining the family, you are winning twice. you’ll get an amazing company and you’ll be making a difference in your community.


A strenuous amount of training goes into each employee before any interaction is made. This ensures the best support your business and all while never overwhelming each support team and respective divisions. Becoming your trusted partner and a staple in the community is the primary goal!

Delivering consistent results and memorable experiences through excellent customer support

Your invoice will be accurate and transparent as all service charges are approved by you. You’ll know exactly what you are pay for.

There will be no unexpected fees, charges or excuses. The GUARANTEED completion of your projects ON BUDGET and ON TIME will be greatly apparent; leaving your company in a state of worry free bliss!

Before any services are provided, an evaluation of your business is completed to uncover potential risks and issues. Furthermore, any discoveries, resolutions and all authorization before work begins will be conveyed to you. Finally, all data, hardware and networks remain operational during the process.

Support/technicians are very responsive when it comes to the support line. A typical response time varies between one to five minutes and never longer than sixty minutes.

Each employee have been properly screened and given an appropriate security level. This allows the appropriate engineers to service any issues and to keep all data secure and protected.


For your business to receive the best possible experience, here’s a list of Core Values:

  • Upfront and ethical business relationship
  • Consistent and high quality professional demeanor
  • Downtime prevention so YOU can focus on YOUR business

Holding a presence in the community for a DIGITAL MARKETING and TECHNOLOGY company is something to be proud of. However, making a difference in the world is a bit higher on the priority list. Taking a huge step out of the comfort zone and into the next big adventure has lead to Biotechnology (more to come soon).

Every brilliant idea starts with you and EXIGENCY can help make it a REALITY! Let’s find a way to utilize your brilliant minds and make the world a better place!

CONTACT to schedule a consult today; we look forward to meeting with you!


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